At some stage in everyone’s life we experience the feeling of being overwhelmed. Often this can be associated with stressors and pressures of work or managing the demands of work effectively while still finding energy and time for your personal life.

As an employer it can only benefit the smooth running and efficiency of your business to consider the wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional - of your staff.

To offer a weekly (at least) yogalates class at your work premises where employees are encouraged to attend, is a fabulous acknowledgement of your intention to stay in touch with your employee’s needs. And for them a wonderful bonus, being able to:-

  • Feel appreciated
  • Improve strength, stamina and flexibility
  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Reduce tension and pain
  • Help build up resistance to stress
  • Develop stamina and concentration
  • Focus with clarity
  • Boost self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Improve quality of life and mental well-being

As an employer you will benefit by

  • Decreased sick leave
  • Decreased “mental health” days
  • A more focussed staff
  • An improved team co-operative environment
  • A more satisfied Health and Safety representative
  • Staff who are happier to go the extra mile when required – as you do for them


I currently lead classes for large organisations within Auckland to much appreciation from staff and satisfaction from employers. I welcome the chance to introduce a similar feeling of goodwill to your own business.

To enquire on the cost of offering Yogalates classes as an incentive for your staff, please email me and we can discuss your requirements.